Power BI Training Course in Saudi Arabia

Power BI Training Course in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Power BI Training Course in Saudi Arabia

Power BI Training Course in Saudi Arabia

With around a 35 million population, Saudi Arabia has the largest economy in the Middle East. The country has placed technology as one of its main visions for 2030. It is now shifting from dependency on oil to Information technology, considering the fact that two-thirds of its population is young and below the age of 35. Power bi training in Saudi Arabia can assist professionals in understanding how data is processed to generate insights that aid in improved decision-making. Businesses are embracing cutting-edge technology and best practices to remain competitive.

Why is Power BI Training Course useful in Saudi Arabia?

By enrolling in the Power BI certification course in Saudi Arabia in any city, including the major cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Khobar, Makkah, and Jubail, professionals may learn the skills necessary to analyze corporate data using the Power BI tool and produce unique visuals for dashboards and reports. This Analyzing Data with Power BI training in Saudi Arabia is appropriate for business intelligence experts wishing to fully exploit their data assets by utilizing the Power BI application. Obtaining this Power BI certification in Saudi Arabia can help people and businesses stay relevant by embracing the many kinds of cloud solutions that are now popular.

Join this power bi training course in Saudi Arabia to pass your certification test for Power BI and obtain a completion certificate from a recognized training partner.

Why should You take this Power BI certification course in Saudi Arabia?

The market in Saudi Arabia for big data and Artificial Intelligence is currently valued at $165 million and is expected to reach $892 million by the end of 2026. Business intelligence is now widely used by sales, marketing, and management teams and businesses that provide insurance and other services. With the aid of SIMFOTIX’s Power bi training course, you may obtain a competitive advantage in designing unique graphics and delivering accurate analyses of enormous volumes of data.

Course Eligibility

Candidates with a minimum of one to two years of professional experience with Microsoft Windows and related products should be able to pass the Analyzing Data with Power BI certification exam.

Participants should also be familiar with Microsoft Office applications, data warehouse schema structure, programming principles including looping and branching, major business goals, and looping and branching (especially Microsoft Excel).

Reasons to choose SIMFOTIX’s Power BI training Course.

  • Well-known certification training is being given by an expert instructor.
  • After completing this class, you will learn how to analyze data assets using Power BI.
  • As a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate, you can advance your career.
  • To pass your test, use knowledgeable teachers and practical labs.
  • Team up with experts from diverse industrial sectors to comprehend the value of data analysis.

Key Features of SIMFOTIX’s Power BI training Course

  • Power BI Certification Training is instructor-led.
  • Access a free sample to become familiar with Power BI ideas.
  • Knowledgeable teachers from around the world.
  • SMEs developed material for the course.
  • Through lab sessions, you will gain practical experience.
  • There are sample papers available.
  • An industry-recognized Certificate of Course Completion is offered.
  • One-on-one training option.

Learning Objectives

Participants in the Analyzing Data with Power bi training program will gain knowledge of the following:

  • List the main characteristics of self-service BI.
  • The definition of Power BI and its products.
  • Combining data from several sources to improve data models.
  • Explaining Power BI Data Visualization.
  • An explanation of the Power BI developer API.
  • The Power BI Mobile application’s description.
  • Combining and modifying data from several sources.
  • On Power BI, producing reports and overseeing solutions.

Modern business training programs are provided by the reputable company SIMFOTIX, a leader in executive education. It aims to add value through its diverse curriculum options for corporations and students. Saudi Arabia boasts thousands of certified Power BI Professionals, and there is more demand for such professionals in companies across industries and of all sizes.

You can master Power BI fundamentals, including Power BI Desktop layouts, dashboards, BI reports, Power BI DAX commands, and functions, through SIMFOTIX’s Power BI certification course in Saudi Arabia. This Power bi training course will teach you to explore, correct, prepare, and display data quickly and effectively.

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