Business Writing Training Courses in Dubai.

Professional Writing Certificate specializing in Business and Technical Writing

Business Writing Training Courses in Dubai

What is Business Writing?

Business writing refers to creating text content for professional purposes, such as emails, memos, reports, proposals, and other forms of communication within a business setting. The goal of business writing is to communicate effectively and clearly and to convey information or ideas professionally. It usually involves using a specific tone, language, and format to match the intended audience and purpose of the writing. Business writing can easily fall under several categories,
Memos: Intra-organization brief written communication.
Business Letters: Formal written communication to external parties.
Reports: Detailed presentation of information, findings, and data.
Proposals: Written offers for products or services.
Emails: Electronic professional communication.
Marketing Materials: Promotional content for products/services.
Resumes: Summary of job candidate’s education, skills, and work experience.
Policies and Procedures: Company rules and regulations in document form.

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Advantages of Business Writing Training Courses in Dubai.

Business writing is considered critical as it enables clear and effective communication between colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and management. It helps convey information and ideas efficiently, build relationships, and make a positive impression. Additionally, it allows for creating professional documents such as emails, reports, proposals, and presentations that reflect the organization’s image and values. Effective business writing can also improve decision-making, increase productivity, and create a more organized and cohesive work environment. Here are a few reasons to use business writing when working in a business environment.



Business writing allows communication to be clear and concise, reducing the chances of misunderstandings or miscommunications.


It shows professionalism and credibility to stakeholders, positively impacting the company's image.


Effective business writing saves time and resources by clearly conveying information and instructions.


Clear, well-written information is essential for informed internal and external stakeholders' decision-making.

Legal Documentation

It is necessary for creating legal documents and contracts, which are essential for conducting business.


Business writing facilitates collaboration and teamwork by enabling clear communication among team members and departments.

Business writing Course Program Outline

Setting Program Objectives

At the start of the session, participants will share their objectives to attend this Business Writing Training. This will include individual discussion on their job role and involvement in Business Writing and emails.

Start-up Email Writing Exercise

At the start of the Business Writing Training, participants will be given a real time scenario to write a particular email communication. They have to write internal email and external email for which feedback will be given by the trainer.

Feedback & Course Delivery

Based on the immediate feedback on the written communication, participants gain the knowledge on structure, format, tone of written communication, principles and best practices. All this will be covered as per below course agenda.

Program Outline
  • Characteristics of an effective written communication.
  • Attractive openings that captivate.
  • Recognizing clichés and jargon and adding goodwill tone in the message.
  • Structuring Sentences for Effectiveness and Readability.
  • Addressing a conflict situation in the emails.
  • Using simple and specific language to avoid confusion.
  • Planning and structuring while writing to senior management.
  • Improving sentence construction and paragraph development.
  • Summarizing ideas effectively and drawing impeccable conclusions.
  • Negative messages – the ultimate beginning.
  • Adding positive tone in negative messages.
  • Adding a personal touch to business writing.
  • Reviewing the message and strong closing that inspire action.

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Workshop Fee & Instructions for Business Writing Training Courses in Dubai, UAE.


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Regular Fee: USD 410 Per Participant (Plus VAT)

Team Offer:

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Business writing skills course in dubai

Business writing skills: why it is important for professionals?

Business writing skills are essential for professionals to effectively communicate ideas, information, and messages clearly, concisely, and professionally. These skills involve knowing how to write various types of business documents, such as emails, memos, reports, and proposals, and tailor the tone, language, and format to meet the specific needs and expectations of the intended audience. Developing strong business writing skills requires practice, attention to detail, and a good understanding of grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. By mastering these skills, professionals can improve their chances of success in the workplace and enhance their overall credibility and effectiveness in communicating with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Business writing skills include:

  • Clarity and conciseness
  • Appropriate tone
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • Effective use of bullet points and headings
  • Professional format and layout
  • Understanding of audience and purpose
  • Active voice
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to simplify complex information

OverviewBusiness Writing Training Courses in Dubai Overview

SIMFOTIX is a trusted name in the executive education industry that offers cutting-edge corporate training programs. Our business professionals at SIMFOTIX will provide you with the knowledge and tools to write clear and concise reports, emails, proposals, and other business documents. Participating in our training program will allow you to communicate effectively, improve your professional reputation, and gain a competitive edge in the market. The program was designed to train a business proneness with the core value of writing skills required for a business’s needs. Our Business writing training is based on the following outline.

Setting Program Objectives

At the beginning of the session, attendees will reveal the reasons for their attendance at the Business Writing Training. This will entail personal conversations about their job responsibilities and involvement in writing business documents and emails.

Start-up Email Writing Exercise

At the beginning of the Business Writing course, attendees will receive a practical scenario to compose an email message. They will have to create internal and external emails, and the instructor will provide feedback.

Feedback & Course Delivery

According to the instant response to the written communication, attendees will learn about the structure, format, tone, principles, and optimal techniques. These topics will be discussed according to the specified course outline.

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Learn Email Writing Skills in Dubai

Learn Email Writing Skills in Dubai

Email writing skills involve communicating effectively through the written word in an electronic format. This includes crafting clear, concise, and professional messages that are well-structured and easy to read. Effective email writing also requires understanding the tone, purpose, and audience of the message and following basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. Additionally, it is important to know how to manage email correspondence, including organizing and prioritizing messages, responding on time, and using appropriate email etiquette. Strong email writing skills can help you communicate more effectively in the workplace, build better relationships with colleagues and clients, and make a positive impression.

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Email Communication Skills in Dubai: why it is Important

Email communication is important because it is a widely used form of professional communication. It allows quick and efficient communication with colleagues, clients, and customers. Good email communication skills can help create a positive image of the sender, improve relationships, convey information effectively, and increase productivity. Email communication skills can lead to better understanding, relationships, and efficiency.

Email Communication Skills in Dubai

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