PMP Training & Project Management Training in Dubai.

PMP Training in Dubai is recognized as one of the global leading project management certification courses. The PMP credential now demonstrates experience and expertise concerning project management in any method of working. It includes agile, predictive, and hybrid approaches to project management and helps to boost project managers’ careers within the industries.

A Brief overview of the PMP Training Course in Dubai.

PMP Training in Dubai includes the fundamental techniques and ideas about successful project management. The certificate is facilitated by the American project management institute and PMI ACP. The overall duration of the PMP certification course is around six weeks. Moreover, after completing the course, the students get 35 PDUs, one of the most significant requirements of PMI.

What are the learning outcomes of this PMP training course in Dubai?

  • Learning to write a scope statement
  • List of all areas of knowledge and processes involved in project management
  • Developing a work breakdown structure for effective project management
  • Understanding the human resources that are required
  • Predicting the duration of all activities and creating network diagrams
  • Being able to perform a project risk assessment
  • Learning to control, close, and also monitoring the entire project
  • Cladding practical project management and the professional certification training for PMP
  • Learning how to manage PMP along with business analysis

Who should enroll in this PMP training course?

  1. Program and project managers
  2. Business analysts or QA
  3. Team or project leaders
  4. Mechanical, technical, civil, or electrical engineers
  5. Consultants
  6. Professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry, telecom, banking, defense of the financial domain
  7. The certification course demands that the participants have at least a bachelor’s or high-school degree

Detail content of the course

The introduction to PMP

The environment of a project

  • Overview
  • Environmental aspects of the business
  • Assets in organizational processes
  • Systems of Organization

The role a project manager plays

  • Project manager definition
  • The sphere of influence that project managers have and provide
  • Competencies of a Project Manager
  • Performing integration

Management of project integration

  • Creating the project charter
  • Create a project management strategy.
  • Control Project knowledge
  • Managing and also directing the project work
  • Tracking and controlling all the project work
  • Integrated change control
  • Closing of the phase or project

Management of project scope

  • Planning project scope management
  • Define the project scopes
  • Collecting the project requirements
  • Creating project Work Breakdown Structure
  • Validating the project scope
  • Controlling the scope

Managing project schedule

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Establish Activities
  • Activities in Sequence
  • Estimate the length of each activity
  • Create a schedule

Cost management of projects

  • Cost estimation and cost planning
  • Find the costs of budgetary control

Quality management of the projects

  • Organize quality control
  • Control and manage the quality of projects

Managing the resources of projects

  • Planning the resources required for the project
  • Calculate the Activity’s Resources
  • Obtain Resources
  • Create a team, lead a team, and manage resources

Managing project communication

  • Developing a plan regarding communication management
  • Monitoring and managing project communication

Risk management of projects

  • Consider Risk Management.
  • Determine Risks
  • Conduct a qualitative risk analysis
  • Analyze risks quantitatively
  • Organize risk reactions
  • Apply risk-reduction measures
  • Track Risks

Procurement management of a project

  • Plan a procurement strategy
  • Conduct and manage the procurement

Management of stakeholders of projects

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Plan and manage the engagement of stakeholders
  • Monitoring the stakeholder engagement

The exam prep classes for the PMP certification course

SIMFOTIXĀ stands out from the competition because of its commitment to giving students the most innovative training possible for PMP. The following are the primary components of their preparations:

  • thorough classes
  • sessions with a counselor one-on-one
  • Outside of the classroom discussion area
  • Key subjects and questions based on PMBOK are being revised
  • Assurance of simulated examinations with the explanation of exam and memory skills

SIMFOTIXĀ is known to provide the best training and certification course regardingĀ pmp training in Dubai. Our course modules and materials are remarkable for professionals aspiring to become more effective in managing any project. Simfotix tries to create value for its students by providing professionals with the best training and certification courses. Our professional trainers are knowledgeable, steadfast, and always ready to help a student in every way possible.

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