Microsoft Power BI Training Course in Saudi Arabia

Microsoft Power BI training course in Saudi Arabia
Microsoft Power BI Training Course in Saudi Arabia

Microsoft Power BI training course in Saudi Arabia

Professionals who want to learn how to utilize the Power BI tool to analyze data and develop unique visuals for dashboards and reports will benefit significantly from the Microsoft Power Bi Training in Saudi Arabia. For career growth in different jobs, data analysts, business analysts, and other professionals can enroll in this Microsoft Power BI course in Saudi Arabia.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft owns the business analytics program known as Power BI. Analysts use it to visualize data, get insights from it, and distribute dashboards and visual reports across the company. Furthermore, with the Microsoft Power BI applications, one can access these reports from any location, including their desk.

Power BI is a business intelligence application that centralizes all of an organization’s data to provide insightful information. It turns a company’s data into detailed visualizations so that one may pay attention to what is essential.

Through this online instructor-led course, participants will gain the skills necessary to integrate data, use it effectively, and create exciting reports using Power BI. This course teaches you how to construct dashboards from public reports, gain a deeper understanding of the data, and generate valuable reports for the numerous activities you may perform with Microsoft Power BI.

Course Features

  • Connect MS Power BI to basic SQL and MS Excel datasets.
  • Create straightforward data models with MS Power BI.
  • Using MS Power BI, create a dashboard to study data and provide answers to questions.
  • Utilizing MS Power BI, you can deliver meaningful information to stakeholders.
  • Use the DAX language to carry out fundamental analyses.

Power BI Course Pre-requisites

This Microsoft Power Bi Training in Saudi Arabia is for:

  • Anybody seeking employment or preparing to begin a career in data analytics.
  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders want to become data analysis experts.
  • Students in data-related education.
  • Department/functional heads, senior executives, and business managers.
  • Business analysts, project managers, data analysts, IT executives, and scientists wishing to develop their business intelligence and analytics functions.
  • A business analyst in charge of automation initiatives.

Benefit from the Course on Data Analytics using Power BI

For beginners to intermediates in data analytics, this hands-on course will prepare you:

  • To utilize Power BI with extreme proficiency.
  • To gather, clean, model, and present the data for any reason.
  • Recognize every step of the business intelligence workflow.
  • Start a career in data analytics.
  • Make eye-catching reports and dashboards.
  • Effectively integrate Power BI into your company.
  • Create dashboards and intelligence reports from scratch.

After course completion, you will be extracting insight from data utilizing your expertise as a business intelligence professional.

Companies like Arab News, Binzagr Company, Parsons, Devoteam, and Giza Systems group, among others, are the top employers of certified Microsoft Power BI specialists. The average annual compensation for qualified Microsoft Power BI specialists in Saudi Arabia can vary from SR 98,300 to SR 313,000.

Why Choose SIMFOTIX for Data Analytics Using Power BI Training?

Several factors make SIMFOTIX the best option for Microsoft power bi training in Saudi Arabia, including:

  • Training by qualified personnel, each with years of expertise in their specialized professions.
  • Instructions include the latest technological developments and industry norms.
  • Provide corporate personnel training specifically tailored to match their needs.
  • Flexible course timing.
  • Enjoyable and goal-oriented learning.
  • Assistance in training through reading material, videos, and other study aids.
  • Course fees are reasonable and competitive

SIMFOTIX in Saudi Arabia offers thorough Microsoft Power BI Training through classroom instruction from their industrially certified professionals. You will learn everything you require in their extensive short-term education curriculum to use Power BI.

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