Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

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Creative Problem solving is of crucial importance to all businesses especially if they are urgent, in situations like products or processes failures, clashing priorities, and unsatisfied customers; in these cases, corrective actions are necessary, however, a potential problem can be predicted, analysed and mitigation applied to proactively reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.

In this Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making workshop, participants will be introduced to an organised and creative approach to problem solving and decision.

This workshop is a very popular and practical workshop which have inspired solutions such as apps, cutting down of processes, and viable solutions for organisations.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the basic problem solving approaches to effectively identify, manage and decide on solutions
  • Work through the problem solving & decision making process
  • Build and expand decision making, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills
  • To apply Design Thinking in innovating solutions and strategies in workplace challenges

Course Overview:

Crucially, CFOs now need to provide a commercial outlook, see the big picture and engage much more in the board room than ever before. Given the backdrop of shifts in the business and economic environment, coupled with the requirement to operate in a safe and remote setting, CFOs need to bring ideas and help make fiendishly difficult decisions across their organization. These concern whether to revive, reopen, shutdown, transform, restructure or deploy a blended approach.

Course Director:


Certified in Innovation of Products &
Services: Design Thinking by MIT

  • Winner – Future of Work Award
  • Certified in Innovation & Design Thinking by MIT
  • Certified Speaking Professional Member of Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (top 15% of global speakers)
  • Adjunct Lecturer (Innovation) – Building & Construction Authority of Singapore Academy
  • Certified Scrum Master, CSM (Agile Certification)
  • Adjunct Trainer (Innovation) – Aventis Learning Group

Mark is a sought-after international keynote speaker and corporate trainer of award-winning training company Anagram Group, and works with over 350+ MNCs, government agencies, and universities in Innovation, Leadership and Soft Skills. Prior to training, Mark had 15 years of international management and investment banking experience in the UK, Australia and Asia for Morgan Stanley, Schroders, Goldman Sachs, Abbey National and Salomon Brothers. Mark is also a Keynote Speaker at conferences, speaking on Innovation, the Future of Work, and Leadership In The Digital Age.

Mark is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – one of only 15% of speakers globally with this qualification – the speaking profession’s highest earned designation, based on revenue, bookings and performance. Mark is one of a handful of speakers/trainers in Singapore with this accreditation.

Mark’s training methods are highly interactive and focus on strategies and personal goals that can be implemented in the workplace immediately, delivering instant return on investment. Mark graduated from the University of Surrey with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics and Computing. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, travelling and current affairs. He is also a CSP member of the prestigious Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore and the Singapore Human Resources Institute.


Course Outline

Introduction to Creativity:
  • Innovation, Invention, Creativity, Critical Thinking; what are the differences and how do they apply?
  • The key to identifying and understanding the problem at hand.
  • Growth Mindset and how it helps creativity
  • Create a template-driven problem statement

Activity: Breakout room exercise identifying problems in their industry that requires creative problem solving, creating a problem statement, & teams will use this for remainder of workshop to produce creative solution.

Introduction to Creative Problem-Solving Frameworks:
  • Introduction to the 4 creative problem solving principles
  • The role of other innovation frameworks such as Design Thinking, Agile and Learners Model. How to decide which one to use?
  • Why is there a sudden need for human-centered design to workplace problems?
  • Balancing divergent and convergent thinking

Activities include: Case studies of Design Thinking and Agile applications. Group exercise in main room for exploring divergent and convergent thinking.

Ideate Creative Solutions:
  • 7 guiding principles of brainstorming
  • Rapid ideation exercises that can be applied for any challenge
  • Learn how to converge your ideas and evaluate the optimal choices

Activities include: Teams will ideate individually, and then work in Breakout Rooms to share ideas and select their top 1-2 ideas to prototype.

Prototype & Presentation Solutions:
  • Sketch out a visual representation of the selected ideas in more detail
  • Teams will present their ideas and receive feedback on their proposed solutions using a template.

Activities include: Teams will build or sketch a representation of their selected ideas in more detail and present ideas.

Idea to Implementation:
  • Moving from idea generation to organisation implementation. What happens after you generate great ideas?
  • Common challenges faced when using creative frameworks, and how to overcome them.
  • Creating a (work)plan to apply selection solution to your problem

Activities include: group discussions on taking an idea through to implementation.

Critical Thinking and Identifying Root Causes of Problems:
  • Why critical thinking is an in-demand skill
  • The RED model of critical thinking
  • Logical versus non-linear thinking

Activities include: discussions on critical thinking and recognising problems.

Decision-Making Solutions:
  • Decision Matrix Analysis
  • OODA Loops for Decision Making

Activities include: discussions on decision-making and removing bias.

Final Team Building Activity:

A finale team building game on decision-making


Workshop Instructions

  • 04 November 2021 – 10:00 am – 04:00 pm
  • Regular Fee: USD 510 Per Participant (Exclusive of VAT)
  • Team Offer: Pay for 2 and register 3rd for free
  • Includes: Courseware, and SIMFOTIX Certificate
  • For registration (s) send us your Name, Designation, Organization, and Mobile Number to [email protected]
  • For More Information please contact: Qazi Waqas Ahmed Mobile: +971 56 309 0819; Email: [email protected]

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