Certified HRBP

Certified HRBP

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Build credibility as an HR leader that influences, impacts, and advances your business and your career

Rapid-fire innovation. Market uncertainties. Talent shortages.

83% agree: As a whole, my organization is in a state of constant change; priorities and strategies are continually shifting.

These are just a few of the constant pressures of doing business in today’s world. To thrive in this volatile environment, organizations need their people strategies to align clearly with the goals of the business.

As an HR professional, you need to enhance your skill sets and adopt a new strategic mindset to advance your career and your business. HCI’s intensive 3-day certification program is designed to facilitate this transformation. You will be immersed in a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience and equipped with processes and tools necessary to put ideas into action.

The role of the HR Business Partner is increasingly important. In fact, employers are twice as likely to fill HRBP positions from outside the organization. The struggle to find key strategic capabilities like business acumen and consulting skills within existing HR teams is a shortage they cannot afford. Close this critical talent gap by enrolling in sHRBP.

Learning Objectives:

After completing the sHRBP certification program, you will be able to:

  • Earn the credibility with your business partners that positions you as a trusted advisor
  • Work with your partners to co-create innovative talent management solutions
  • Help your HR team execute on your business strategy through those solutions

Course Capability Framework

  • Solve business issues by implementing solutions
  • Sustain solutions by evaluating impact and iterating
  • Consult with clients to determine issues and root causes
  • Create specific solutions that drive impact and change
  • Communicate progress to gain champions and influence positive change
  • Adopt a strategic mindset
  • Analyze business data to create insights and guide decisions
  • Align overall talent strategy to business priorities and objectives

Core Capabilities:

  • Influencing
  • Building Trust
  • Earning Influencing Credibility
  • Acting with Transparency
  • Collaborating
  • Communicating

HCI’s Approach to Learning:

Human Capital Institute provides solutions that advance the practice of human capital and strategic talent management. We are a global clearinghouse and catalyst for new ideas and next practices, and a resource for the most progressive organizations and executives in the world, with more than 20,000 participants trained through our education programs.

HCI courses use the most current insights, perspectives, and proprietary research to create interactive and collaborative learning experiences that incorporate:

  • Practical and actionable concepts, presented in a case-based format by senior thought leaders and formally trained facilitators
  • Intense focus on building strategic perspective and enabling better decision-making
  • Guided action planning to ensure on-the-job utilization and produce measurable results
  • A blended, learner-centered approach to maximize engagement and outcomes
  • An extensive library of learning resources and comprehensive toolkits for deeper learning and

Human Capital Institute, Senior Faculty

Ron Thomas, MHCS, SWP, GHCS:
  • Global HR background that spans many industries, cultures and countries including USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Brazil, Africa & Amsterdam.
  • Cited by CIPD as one of the Top 5 HR Thinkers in the MENA region
  • Named one of the “50 Most Talented Global HR Leaders ” in Asia by World HRD Congress
  • Senior International Faculty Human Capital Institute. HCI
  • Board Membership: Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, McKinsey’s Quarterly Executive Online Panel, Expert Advisory Panel on Talent Management Strategy, HCI.
  • Published Work: The Wall St. Journal (print), Inc. Magazine, Canadian Business,
    Workforce Magazine, Crain’s New York Business, Chief Learning Ocer Magazine,Barrons
  • Keynote Speaker in more than 10+ HR & Leadership Conferences Speaking Engagements in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain , Muscat, Istanbul, Riyadh, India and other countries.

His HR background spans many industries, cultures and countries including India, China, Brazil, Dubai, Africa, Turkey as well as Saudi Arabia.

Most recently he was named as one of the “50 Most Talented Global HR Leaders in Asia by World HRD Congress” and was also recognized with the “Strategic Leadership Award for Global HR Excellence” in 2012

He is a frequent blogger and writer on HR topics: TLNT.com, CEO.com & People and Management Magazine. His books authorship includes:

“Getting HR Technology Back to HR Reality”
“Creative Onboarding Programs” – McGraw Hill
“Learning to Lead: Lessons in Leadership”

His work has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Crain’s NY Business, Workforce Management Magazine, HR Matters, People and Management magazines as well as a sought after Key-Note speaker and panelist.

He has held senior level HR roles with Buck Consultants (Xerox), Martha Stewart Living and IBM.


Course Outline


Adopting a strategic mindset:

  • Understanding the Prepare/Partner/Perform framework
  • Adopting a strategic mindset and skill set
  • Assessing yourself on the strategic continuum
  • Working through a strategic lens

Analyzing business data to create insights and guide decisions:

  • Understanding the importance of business data to HR
  • Asking critical questions
  • Identifying internal and external business factors
  • Measuring business impact with business metrics

Aligning overall talent strategy to business priorities and objectives:

  • Understanding HR’s pivotal position Aligning talent strategy to business strategy
  • Increasing your relevance to business
  • Describing types of business strategies
  • Varying talent strategies according to business strategies
  • Documenting priorities and measurements
  • Communicating with the Talent Measurement Value Approach
  • Aligning HR interventions with talent and business strategies


Consulting with clients to determine issues and root causes

  • Reviewing a day in the life of an HRBP
  • Understanding consulting types: reactive vs. proactive
  • Using a consulting model
  • Creating a questioning strategy
  • Determining root cause
  • Collecting data and preparing insights
  • Collaborating with partners
  • Sharing findings with clients
  • Developing recommendations
  • Working with CoEs

Communicating progress to gain champions and influence positive change:

  • Creating change through people
  • HCI’s Change Management Model
  • Understanding resistance to change
  • Making the case for change
  • Communicating about change

Creating solutions that drive impact and change:

  • Understanding your role as an HRBP
  • Developing HR interventions
  • Identifying the impact of talent optimization on business
  • Using the appropriate talent management solutions holistically
  • Aligning business issues, talent issues, and solutions


Solving business issues by implementing solutions:

  • Recognizing the need for project management
  • Implementing solutions
  • Using different project management (agile vs. waterfall)
  • Implementing a solution
  • Using project management process and tools:
    • Initiation
    • Project scope
    • Project charter
    • Planning
    • RASCI Model
    • Execution
    • Closing
  • Addressing project management challenges

Sustaining solutions by evaluating impact and iterating so they can be used elsewhere in the organization:

  • Determining measurement intervals
  • Using leading indicators to measure progress
  • Putting reporting in place
  • Creating insight from data
  • Using the analytics value approach
  • Visualizing data
  • Use storytelling to drive key points
  • Scaling solutions model

Action Planning:

  • Determining what you can do immediately, in 30 days, in 6 months, and in a year

Workshop Instructions

  • 12-13 September 2021 | 09:00 am - 04:00 pm
  • Regular Fee: USD. 2750 per participant
  • 3-day interactive session
  • Offered in-person, online, and in-house at your organization
  • Includes industry-recognized certification
  • Supports HRCI and SHRM recertification

Who Should Attend

  • Senior HR Business Partner
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Director
  • Talent Development Director
  • Talent Analyst
  • People Manager

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