Advance MS Excel (in English & Arabic)
Advance MS Excel (in English & Arabic)

Advance MS Excel Training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is specially design to optimize your daily work and present meaningful data. Advance MS Excel training is the flagship course Simfotix is offering in UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and entire GCC region actively in Oman and KSA. Available in-house in English and Arabic.


Make an instant impact at your organization by learning secret tips and tricks with Simfotix’s industry experienced trainer. Learn how to work simultaneously on a spreadsheet. How to analyze data by using VLOOKUP and nested VLOOKUP functions. Amazing use of Graphs, pivot table and power pivot tables, and how to connect them with PowerPoint.


Advanced MS Excel training also focus on designing formulas to manipulate, summarize and refine raw data, Troubleshooting and tracing formula errors.


For your hands on experience, we will also provide videos of best practices made by our certified MS Excel Trainers. These videos will be given to all participants as a gift for future references.  They cover all levels of MS Excel Training.


We also offer One to One MS Excel Training for the individuals, who needs immediate solutions to their  specific problems.
Simfotix’s  Advance MS Excel  Training is the most demanding session in which cost is less and quality is high due to customization of modules.


Advance Microsoft Excel training will make you a pro in linking data from a saved Excel spreadsheet or copy cells from an Excel spreadsheet into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
Simfotix also offers online MS Excel assessment to check your skill level to offer you the best suitable training and Dashboard Reporting courses in Dubai.
Online Assesment for MS Excel Training :


Microsoft Excel has always been a top recommended application for business users for making simple to complex calculations, data presentation, analysis and on top work efficiently and productively. We have seem business user going home late just because they don’t know the right use of this useful program, you may work with little knowledge but true value comes when you work efficiently with maximum use of formulas, features and tricks in this wonderful application. Get ready to save your time and gain control over your financial, accounting, auditing, presentations and day to day data calculations, sorting, and storing work, by one of the most intelligent software application available in market.

Course Outline

Excel Ice Breaking Session

  • Ice breaking session to bring all participants on the same learning pace
  • Objective Setting for the course and participant expectations
  • Be Ready for quick questions and to learn daily use short cuts
  • Quick transfer of valuable knowledge to be used during the course

Summarizing & Consolidating Data

  • Working with Data Tables
  • Grouping & Creating Sub Totals
  • Formatting the Subtotal Rows
  • Adding and Copying with Subtotals
  • Consolidating Data from multiple sheet

Formulas & Powerful Functions

  • Relative & Absolute Cell Reference
  • Text Functions (Left, Upper, Concatenate , truncate and others)
  • Date Functions (Today, Now, sorting on dates, extracting Date & Time)
  • Using Array Formulas
  • The IF & NESTED IF function
  • Conditional & Logical Functions ( If, And, Or, and Not )
  • The ROUND, PMT function
  • Using Count IF , SUMIF , Count, CountA
  • Using Vlookup Functions
  • Advanced VLOOKUP Function
  • Using HLOOKUP Functions
  • Using MATCH and INDEX
  • Using the Offset Function

Charts, Graphs & Techniques

  • Recommended Charts
  • Trend lines
  • Sparkline’s charts
  • Saving Custom Chart as Template
  • Formatting and Editing a series

Conditional Formatting – CF

  • Analyzing Data with CF
  • Hierarchy of CF rules
  • Create, Edit & Delete a CF rule
  • Use databars as a visual guide
  • Find duplicate values
  • Make a rule dependent on another cell
  • Highlight a row if it’s within a range of dates
  • Highlight columns based on value of a cell

Security in Excel

  • Preventing Sheet from Deletion
  • Cell / Row / Column Level Security
  • Preventing your data from Copying
  • Preventing data selection

Formatting your Spreadsheet

  • Freezing row and column titles
  • Using auto format
  • Custom number formats
  • Conditional formatting
  • Using Paste Special
  • Pasting different types of information
  • Formatting and editing a series
  • Utilizing fill handle trick

Filter & Sorting

  • Extracting Unique Values with Filtering
  • Advance Filter on more than 1 Criteria
  • Sorting Data on different cell formats
  • Sorting data with Multiple Level Sorts
  • Data extraction by Sorting & Filter

Formula auditing

  • Precedents and dependents
  • Error checking
  • Watch a formula by using Watch Window
  • Evaluate a nested formula

Dynamic Table

  • Converting data into table
  • Automatic calculation in table
  • Converting table to normal range
  • Using table in Charts & Vlookup

List Management

  • Formatting data on Conditions
  • Highlight Duplicate & Unique Values
  • Formatting data using Data Bars & Icons
  • Clearing & Managing rules
  • Indirect & Flash Fill
  • Remove Duplicates

Data Analysis Using Pivots

  • Creating Pivot table & Analyzing data
  • Dynamic Pivot Table & Calculation
  • Calculating variances with pivot
  • Grouping data in pivot tables
  • Selecting elements of a pivot table
  • Making use of multiple data fields
  • Using grand totals and subtotals
    Changing a pivot table’s calculations


  • Recording Macros for Automating tasks
  • Creating Button to run a Macro
  • Macro with Keyboard & its benefit
  • Deleting Macros
  • Editing Macro Codes
  • Creating Global Macros

What will you get

  • Quality training is delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainer from the industry.
  • Participants get the easy to read and understand exercises specially designed for this course to take back for practice and future reference.
  • All formulas and functions from these files could be directly used at workplace.
  • Ability to ask questions on the spot and maximize your learning.
  • Solve your real time work problems and learn from one of the best GCC Trainer

Hands–On Training

Throughout this course, exercises provide you with experience applying Excel features, formulas and formatting. Hands-on exercises include:

  • Navigating the Excel interface for efficiency and speed
  • Formatting existing data for greater visual impact
  • Designing formulas to manipulate, summarize and refine raw data
  • Troubleshooting and tracing formula errors
  • Charting your data for clearer presentation
  • Linking worksheets with references


Course Materials

It is very important to analyze the need for Training along with the level of knowledge you require. This session give you a liberty to choose the modules you need, discuss it with the trainer how you want to be delivered, decide the place at your convenience and allocate number of hours to solve your problem. This does not include any development as a consulting but will include solution if you are facing a particular problem.